Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Little BRATS!

I'm just about sick and tired of my social media feeds getting clogged up by these runaway posts. I can talk about this because our 17 year old daughter keeps running away, so I'm allowed. Look at the majority of these 'runways', they are clean, good looking, smiling kids - none of them are covered in dirt or bruises or are emaciated. These are spoiled bratty CHILDREN! I can't even call them young adults because they are acting like toddlers who throw themselves on the grocery store floor because their parents won't buy them a flippin' candy bar. Okay, so, some of these kids probably do run way because it is bad, or they're taken... i'll give you that. But COME ON! The majority of these little twits are just BRATS!

I'm going to talk about my own offspring... I'm not going into the way back past because my fingers would get too tired typing. We have given this kid everything, that's the first mistake. Gave her an iphone, when she turned 16 we gave her a car, she lives in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood and has so many clothes and shoes that she doesn't have room for it all and it's usually all over the floor. I'm sure these are a lot of the same characteristics that these other 'runaway' kids possess as well - all spoiled! I could completely understand if the parents (or us) were abusive, were doing drugs and had questionable people over, wouldn't buy food for the house, or were just plain evil to these kids... all reason's to run away. But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! These kids have everything handed to them, mistake #1.


When your little sweet angel comes home from elementary school asking for a smartphone, the answer is NO. I know you don't want your kid to be 'left out' or teased or called names because they aren't completely grossly spoiled, but I'm telling you, this is the gateway drug to social media hell! Once you give them that power, hang up your captain's hat - these kids are smart. They know how to look crap up (porn, laws, drugs, etc.). You may as well lock down those ipads too!
I know I can't blame everything on social media and technology, but the generation of parents we have now are different than before. We're all working, we all want the best for our kids and it's just easier to give this crap to them instead of the kids EARNING it!
So, I'm going to step down off of my soapbox, a bit prematurely, but I could go on and on. Just remember, not everyone get's a trophy and not everyone get's a smartphone. Be a parent and instill morals and values into your kids. Make them get part time jobs - walk a dog, wash a neighbor's car. Do it for $2! Teach them what hard work is all about!

Back to the runaways, kids, just to let you know, if you're 17, your parents can't legally make you stay in the house, and they legally can't lock you out. So, if you're 16, forget it, you're labeled a 'runaway', but if you're 17, you are just a teenager who won't come home. Now, when your skinny ass turns 18, forget it, we don't have to open the door! Choose wisely grasshoppah!

Stay tuned for my soapbox rant about teachers...
Adios bitches!

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