Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't take your life for granted

Coming from a mother of three awesome kids, do not take any life for granted. Things can change in a breath, less than a heartbeat. The recent event that occurred in our sleepy little town will rock our world for many years. You think you know someone. Parents never think their sweet little angel will ever do anything heinous. Maybe the typical teenager stupid crap. But to take another sweet little angel's life? Weather it is premeditated, intentional, accidental, for a girl, for a guy, for something stupid someone said, for any reason, there is absolutely no reason to let your temper get the best of you.

This sweet angel that has been a part of our world for over twelve years let emotions get to their temper. I am not going to say this is a girl or a boy, there is no need to get into the details. This angel was raised in a very nice neighborhood with a lovely family. This is not your stereotypical 'thug' family. This is a family with two parents who love one another, two beautiful siblings, pets, toys, limitless resources to build a wonderful life. Unfortunately, pot entered this little angel's life many years ago.

It seems like you can't turn around without hearing about the legalization of pot and how it's not dangerous. BULLSHIT. This drug will mess your brain up. Now, this doesn't go for everyone, but it will forever change how your brain works. Those kids that I went to school with that got high on the way to school every morning and was able to get straight A's, good for you. You may have a fine life now, family, money, etc., but just think of where you might be if parts of your brain were still intact? I've known way too many people who thought smoking pot was 'okay' and ended up in situations just like this. Something happened in this angel's brain from pot and it's not okay. This angel will most likely spend many years in prison. The crime committed was not okay, and it can't be taken back.

There are two victims, the one who performed the crime and the one who died from the crime. Two families lost their angels. One, they will never see again, one they will see behind bars. Neither family will see their angel walk across the stage to graduate high school. All Christmas's, birthday's, Easter's, summers, weekends, vacations, lives will ever be the same again.

It's frustrating to see people 'blame' this crime on the parents. The parents can only control so much. I've always been told to not be so controlling, stop hovering, don't snoop, stay off the kids social media. Kids will be kids. Teenagers need a little privacy. Well, believe me, teenagers have plenty of privacy, it's called being a teenager and not telling your parents anything. I know I'm the mean mom sometimes because I don't allow the kids to do the 'cool' thing, but I don't care. I don't want my angels being involved in anything like what happened yesterday. If you're there, you're guilty by association. What if you are there and it was a gun and in the struggle the gun went off and you were caught in the crossfire but you were just 'standing there'? REMOVE YOURSELF FROM SITUATIONS THAT CAN BECOME VOLATILE OR DON'T BE THERE TO BEGIN WITH!

In our minds, we are all invincible. I'll have one more cheeseburger because I won't have that heart attack, I'll speed around this truck on this blind curve because I never pass anyone here, I'll just threaten this person, but not follow through with my actions. It's not just kids that think they are invincible, it's everyone. I always thought my husband was a nervous nelly always worrying about stuff, but he's not, he's cautious, he doesn't take stupid chances. He's kind of like Ben Stiller in 'Along Came Polly'.

Take care of your bodies and minds, you are NOT invincible! No one is. And kids, stop being stupid and taking stupid chances. Stop taking the little things so seriously and focus on your future. The harder you work now, the easier your life will be. Also, reach out to your friends that you think they might be troubled. If you don't want to reach out, tell someone who will do something about it. Don't speed. Don't do drugs. Don't play with weapons. Embrace life and every breath you take - you only have so many before they run out.

To wrap this up, I just need everyone to send a little prayer into the universe for those who are suffering, those who don't make the right choices, and for kids these days in general.

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