Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tacos made from Doritos?

When I first saw this monstrosity of calories, fat, sodium and a myriad of random chemicals I thought to myself, my daughter would eat this crap. Lo and behold, she LOVES them! It pains me to drive to Taco Bell to spend money on this junk food pouch. Now, she did me a solid by opting for the traditional 'three mile island' orange Dorito taco instead of the 'i just threw up in my mouth' cool ranch taco.

Thank GOD she doesn't eat sour cream, that would just send me over the edge. 

I made a note to myself months ago about writing about these insane new products, thinking it would be a flash in the pan and only construction workers (sorry if you're a construction worker, but I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the icky construction workers that cat call. So, don't worry, that's not you) would eat these things. But no, it has hung around for way too long and I have had to take one too many trips to ask for the "Dorito taco, the orange one" and a "Frito burrito". Yes, my daughter is a glutton as well as completely gullible to the Taco Bell marketing department. I just keep thinking, someone is going to top this at some point. I mean seriously, what can outdo this? I'm sure it will be deep fried. Fall is right around the corner, maybe a deep fried burrito... Crap. Now I'm hungry. I want a taco.

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