Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Damn it, Fat Man!

You know when everything is going great you get that feeling that something, just something, is going to mess it all up?!? Well, yesterday "The Fat Man" did just that! She messed it all up! I'm going to give her crap because she's divorcing me. The Fat Man hasn't worked for me for long, but it every second was jammed packed with excitement, psychosis, drama and confusion. It was a whirlwind of wine and zip fizz! So, she's gonna quite to try to get knocked up - she's nuts. We're talking about a chick who super glues her shoelaces together so they stay tied. Yes, she's very special. Oh no, maybe her husband should hide the superglue...

In all seriousness, I'm gonna miss her... a lot. I hope she gets knocked up, that her shoelaces stay tied and that all of her dreams come true because she is the kindest, most genuine, and happiest person I've ever had the honor to have in my life.

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