Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting, Teenagers, Prison and Wine

Since when was Election day a school holiday? When I was in school I don't think that our schools closed. Man, I feel old. I can't remember that far back! Whatever, I'm going to just stick with the fact that we had school and the 'old people' voted in the cafeteria of the school and us kids just ate lunch in our classrooms or on the playground. I guess they had to start closing schools because of all of the creepy people that want to stare at children. Honestly, those people need to be sterilized. That is just gross. I'm 41and I still get creeped out when some old geezer checks me out in the grocery store... okay, so I don't notice if that ever happens, but if I caught an old coot looking I'd feel icky. Blech, okay, so from now on, I'll be wearing a moo moo with knee highs and black slip on sandals to go grocery shopping. So, yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, schools closing for Election day. That's another thing, when did all of these teenage bastards start giving a shit about our president? When I was in high school I could give two craps. Now, you go onto Facebook a.k.a. 'work', and these brats are all informed and shit! I feel so awkward reading some of their posts... they know more than I do! I thought it was funny when the kids were in elementary school and they would just say anything their parents said... aww, how cute. But now, some little five year old mouth off in the voting line (why in the hell are some of these parents bringing their kids with them to vote?!?) and you get a swarm of cotton heads (old people) shooting daggers out of their eyeballs at the little booger. Poor kid, they're just spouting off what their, sometimes really stupid parents, are filling their little jello brains with.
Standing in line today waiting to exercise my voting muscle, I so badly wanted to ask everyone in line "who are YOU voting for?" Then I would give them a look of happiness and joy or sheer disgust and disappointment. I'd most likely get arrested. Although, if prison had wine, I might be a very naughty person! Prison would be nice little drunk vacation. If there were more people like me in prison, that would be one bitchin' party! See what I did there? Wine goes with everything... cheese, chocolate cake, voting and prison. So yeah, hope you went out to vote.

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