Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sorry, I had a meeting

I've been at a meeting for work this week. So, sorry, I've been bad at blogging. Let's get straight to the meat... I had an all day meeting and the following are my notes (I looked busy... and interested):
I wish I had an iPad with internet access.
I could be on Pinterest
Stalk on Facebook
Get some work done
Edit some pictures (I can't get ahead on this)
Plan Thanksgiving dinner
Christmas shop
Work on my Christmas list
Find funny pictures of kitties
Plan a ski vacation
Research shark diving
Play solitaire
Recipes to make my butt smaller
A good way to slowly murder this chick talking
Maybe find a picture of a kitten slowly eating her
Am I supposed to talk? These are all my programs...
Pepsi tastes bad.
This woman is talking again... I want to throw myself in front of a bus.
Seriously, her voice is like a blender full of light bulbs
Kitties... oh fluffy funky kitties.
This woman is slowly killing me
Her hair is stupid
Her pants are hiked up around her belly button
Oh my God! I think she just said "cats"!
No, she didn't
She has a big lower tummy pooch
Her pants aren't helping
Her head looks like the tiger mascot behind her - round head with lifeless eyes
She's trying to be witty... not.
I need younger hands.
My hands look like twice as old as I am
My nails suck
I don't think I've shaved my legs for over a week.
Damn, I look busy.
I really need to lose weight, but food is so yummy.
Pasta with cream sauce... mmmmmmmmmmm
My job is getting old.
Oh my God, I wish I could walk up to the front of the room and slap her
I just went to the bathroom and there was a woman taking a dump and talking on the phone
She was talking business
There are four stalls flushing while she's on the phone! hahaha!
Okay, that woman works for us... wow.
Lady! PLEASE! Stop shouting!
I wonder if annoying lady knows exactly how annoying she is?
Oh man!... "YOU GOT IT!" with a leg kick and a full arm point!
Two words... high waters
Yeah, you know who you area...
The pretty girl sitting next to me (you know who you are!) thinks I'm taking notes
I hope she doesn't feel like she's not taking enough notes now.
Miss Annoying throws candy to people who answer her questions correctly... you dork.
So help me, I do NOT want to work with this hobbit of a woman
Mealy hand lady - her hands look cold, mushy and squishy
Her belt is so tight that she looks like she's an ant with a thorax
Squirrels on water skis - why? It's cute, but that's not normal.
What are we doing for dinner?
Who would marry this troll lady?
This new hobbit movie is coming out, too bad she didn't audition, she would have been perfect.

Okay, so there is my meeting...

I want a raise.

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