Thursday, November 1, 2012


**WARNING - Boob shot**
Okay, I was working on an entry about my dysfunctional Halloweens from my childhood, when I heard about this woman on the radio this morning. I just had to stop what I was doing and get this out. Who in the hell would let a DOG, not puppy, but dog, suck on your boob? I guess it would still be sick if it was a puppy. Seriously people? Okay, so some mom's breastfeed their kids until they leave for college, but a dog?!? Holy crap... ANY ANIMAL?!? This dog isn't ever her dog! I guess it wouldn't make it any better if is was her dog... What's next people? This woman is either on some serious meds or needs to get on them. Doesn't this dog eat dog food? That little booger has TEETH! Dogs BITE! Ouch! Maybe she's into that... ew. I guess she could market herself out there as a puppy nursemaid.
"Taking mama dog on vacation? Give me a call! I'll nurse all of your mama dogs puppies while your basking in the Carribean sun. 
I know, who takes their dog on a vacation to the Caribbean? You never know. Shit, after reading this article, I feel I don't know anything anymore. I shouldn't judge, I know, but there are some things that go on in this world that really has me scratching my head.
 If you want to read more about this deranged chick, here is the link:
Freaky deaky milk puppy

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