Friday, October 26, 2012

It puts the lotion on it's skin!

My daughter suffered from a severe sunburn this past summer (one of those "mom told you so" experiences). Everyone has always said put aloe on a burn, but what everyone fails to follow with is lotion! Aloe is actually drying, so a lotion follow up is mandatory or you'll peel worse. Anyway, I found that the best lotion for this is Palmer's cocoa butter. Well dang, that stuff smells awesome! Like spreading straight up coconut all over your body! Well, it didn't do much to the insane burn for my daughter, but she tried. She learned her lesson.
So, I was visiting Nirvana (Target) the other day and wanted to try to find something for my old lady hands for the winter. My hands get so dry and wrinkly, if my hands were in one of those tests where you can't see whose hands are whose, any person guessing would pick my hands for a grandma! So, as I was blissfully strolling the aisles, perusing the various beauty products that one day will be in my bathroom cabinet, half used, I found the Palmer's lotion again. I thought this would be perfect for my Nana hands for the winter, plus it smells great! So, I made my purchase and bid adieu to my Target family and headed back to work. For three days "I put the lotion on it's skin" and saw and felt a difference.
Well, one of my coworkers told me that she couldn't stand the smell (can't repeat what she said it smelled like), but she uses it for tightening her flabby parts. SHUT UP! I have lot's of flabby parts! I put the bottle in my purse and took it home to tighten my flabby parts after my evening shower. Home I went, took a nice hot shower and slathered the magic tightening cocoa butter every inch that jiggled or had potential jiggle. I will be lubing the jiggle daily with my magic cocoa butter and soon enough I will be working the Victoria's Secret annual runway show! Shut up, a girl can dream.Off to Target to buy four more bottles to get me through the weekend, haha! Yeah, I'm gonna be TIGHT like a TIGER!

**Silence of the Lambs is hands down the scariest movie ever...

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