Friday, October 19, 2012

The dangers of deer crossings!

I'm so happy someone has finally spoken up! Why is the world so against deers? I was just thinking of starting an anti-deer crossing movement. People please! Don't let the deer cross the streets in such highly traveled routes! I'm thinking that wherever one of these signs is placed, we should have those big arms that come down like for train tracks with big yellow flashing lights. The deer could just press a button, that would have to be on the ground because come on people, deer aren't able to push it with their hoof if it was high up. I guess they could with their nose, but what if it's cold outside and the deer sticks to the button, like that dumb kid in "Christmas Story". Then we'd have deer stuck to poles all along these roads. We'd have to have a traveling deer anti-stick team go around and unstick these deers from the cold buttons. With this deer crossing movement, it totally should be a new class in deer schools so the little kid deers could learn about how to cross the street and what sign to look for and obviously, don't stick your wet nose to cold metal things. Okay people, who's with me? We need to make t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, mugs, buttons, etc.! This is serious ~ please tell everyone you know! ;)

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